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Side Projects

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Art Director. Production designer. Illustrator. Bike builder.

Yeah, you read that right. 5-foot-tall bike to be exact.


I believe the best way to travel is by bike and the best time to travel around Miami is by moonlight. As a young kid, this city

raised me. As an adult, this city inspired me. It’s where you’ll

find me late at night, bent over my MacBook breathing life

into every animation, design, and idea. 


I’ve learned that it’s okay to start small, as long as you start.

Some of my best work was created when bouncing ideas off

of other batshit crazy people like myself or over a bowl of Chow

mein. All I want to do is create with other people who are just as

passionate about concepting, visual storytelling, and photography.


Let’s meet up and I’ll teach you how to mount a tall ass bike. 


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