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Netflix subscribers are looking for shows that bring something new to the table, shows that are relatable and that are grounded in the real world. 


Create editorial Content with Modern-Day Witches and see how the fantasy world of "The Witcher" is compared to modern magic.


Exploring the long history of witches in our culture  and debunking the cruel mysticism behind them.


  • Modern-day witches explain the origin of their culture.

  • Asking an inquiry of fact or fiction questions to modern-day witches that relates to the Netflix Witcher series.

  • Creating potions, spells, and tools used by modern witches.

Connecting the bridge to Netflix the Witcher series from the modern witches of today. Learned how these fictional characters in the series mirror the Real-life magic Wielders.

the lore of witches and magic

Modern-day witches tell the Origin story of how Witches were perceived as evil beings by early Christians in Europe, inspiring the iconic Halloween figure. But the real history of witches is dark and for the witches, deadly. Most witches were thought to be pagans doing the Devil’s work. Many, however, were simply natural healers or so-called “wise women” whose choice of profession was misunderstood

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​Fact or fiction

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Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 11.30.06 PM.png

To have a sit down with Modern-Day Witches to watch scenes of Mages, wizards, and sorcerers from the Netflix series the Witcher to find similar facts between the two.

spells and elixirs

An explanation on how witches use spells and what ingredients they use to create potions in modern times and how does that mirror the Netflix  series The Witcher.

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